6.25 tips to turn yourself into a StumbleUpon GOD!

So you want to be a StumbleUpon god?

photo by pasotraspaso You want to bask in the lovely traffic that it sends your way?  None of this Digg-server-crashing thousands-per-minute traffic but nice solid, medium term, nice, warm, lovely, targetted traffic.

Well, yes, we can do that.  But then what do you want to do with that traffic?  Do you want to just have bragging rights to your mates about the traffic that it sent or do you want your visitors to actually read the piece of work you spent your time crafting?

I assume you do.  Because then they might come back and read some more of your stuff.   Right? Right.

So, today we’re going to look at how you attract traffic from StumbleUpon and how you manage to keep those visitors on your site for more than 2 seconds.  Whether they come back or not is up to you but if your content is good enough then that won’t be a problem.

Tip number 1 – Build a great network. 

Identify what type of people you’re trying to attract and then join the relevant groups on SU.

This should be easy enough because you’ll already have an idea of who your target audience is. Join the groups on SU and look at some of the people that are in those groups. Try to befriend the major players – especially the ones with the larger networks. 

Success on SU comes down to your network.  If you have a large network of people with large networks of their own then the distribution channel is far greater than if you have one person in your network that has no friends.  Befriend lots of them and then cross your fingers and hope that some of them will befriend you. 

You can encourage them to join your network by making sure your profile is attractive – people will check it before they befriend you.  Ensure that you’ve stumbled some great articles from other website so that people can see what great content you’re likely to pass on to them.  Make them WANT to be your friend.

2. Learn from what is popular

If you want to get traffic then you have to write content that people find interesting.

Look at what is popular and topical in your groups at the moment and see what is getting Stumbled and reviewed by those people in your network.  Write something that covers what people are finding interesting at that moment in time.  If people are stumbling articles about Twitter then write about Twitter.

Photo by Matt Dringenberg3. Don’t make your article too long

Stumblers have a notoriously low attention span.

It’s like watching TV – you’ll watch something but there’s that nagging feeling that there’s something better on the other channel.  So don’t take up too much of their time otherwise they’ll just go elsewhere anywhere.  Be succinct and too the point.  Get your point across and then let them go with a pat on the back and a fatherly/motherly pride in your soul. 

This article is too long – I have to move on.  Please bear with me – there is nothing on any other channel worth watching so you’re better off here.

4. Grab their attention quickly

Just like any blog, you have to grab people’s attention, but with Stumblers you have to do it much more quickly (because there’s always something on the other channel).

You need a great headline.  I could have called this article – ‘A 5 step guide to improving your blog traffic’ but that doesn’t get your heart racing does it?  But the chance to be a god at SU?  Omnipotence and eternal life and everything?  Lemmeatit!!

You also need a great image.  I’m not sure I like the image in this article.  It’s got nothing to do with SU, but it’s quite pretty and I could look at it for a second or so while waiting for the page to load or something so I think it’s OK.  Perhaps it’ll keep people on the site for a second or two longer until my fantastic content draws them in.

5. Get reviewed

I find reviews make me decide whether to look at an article or not.  If a link has loads of reviews then I’ll probably go and check it out (probably even if the reviews are bad, just so that I can join in the kicking). 

Remember that you get traffic from two sources on SU – from clicking a button in the toolbar and being taken to a random page, and from people who check out what pages their friends have stumbled. 

Aim for the second group and get your submission reviewed by as many people as possible.  Ask your friends, groups, networks, whoever to write about what a life-changing piece of literature it was.

6. Try to get the initial stumble by someone with a large network

If an article has been posted initially by someone with a recognisable name (or a recognisable avatar) in your group then people will be more likely to check it out.  If they’re willing to Stumble it first then that’s better for you.

Photo by exfordy 6.25 Don’t abuse it

Theories abound about how many times you can stumble a site before your stumbles are ignored.  So don’t go nuts.  Stumble other sites as well – contribute to your group both by providing interesting resources from other sites and by commenting on their websites.  Like most things, you get out what you put in so enter into the spirit of it.

Good luck on becoming an SU god.  Don’t strike me down or anything

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