A £100,000 contract in 21 days

One of the most powerful ways to show a visitor to your website how effective / valuable your services are, is through a powerful testimonial.  People expect you to say how great you are – but when a satisfied third-party tells them it is massively more effective.  When a prospective client sees that other people have used your services before, with great results, it helps build confidence in you and reduces the risk attached to using your services.

On our own Mass Media Design website, we have the following powerful testimonial:

“Just 3 weeks after MMD designed a new website for us, we are delighted to have already received an enquiry for a project, worth a six figure sum for our company!”

The implication is clear – if you buy a Mass Media Design website then you too can be attracting hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of new business through your website.

Since we published that testimonial, we have seen a 525% increase in the number of enquiries we have received.

You could NEVER buy advertising that is as effective as that!

Over to you

Do you use testimonials on your website, blog or newsletter? What have your experiences been? What kind of testimonials have worked best for you – share your feedback in the comments section below!