Affiliate programmes

money1I was speaking with my good friend yesterday, the marketing guru Jim Connolly and we got onto the topic of affiliate programmes.  Jim was telling me that while affiliate programmes are very common online, they also work just as well offline.  In fact, they can be even more powerful offline simply because personal recommendations between friends and contacts in the real world are of such high value.

The reason that affiliate programmes work so well is because of the power of a personal recommendation.   If you receive a cold call offering you a service then you are naturally extremely wary.  But if a good friend or a business partner that you trust recommends the same service then you know that you can trust that service.

It was a pretty timely conversation because just a few days ago we launched our own affiliate programme for MMD.

It’s very simple.  If you recommend MMD to any of your clients, associates, partners or friends and they buy anything from us, whether it’s a new website design our any of our SEO services,  then you will get a whole 10% of the total sale value.

For example, if you recommend us to one of your clients, perhaps a medium sized business, and they buy one of our professional, search engine optimised websites for £10,000 then we will send a cheque, made out to you personally, for £1000 ($1600)!

Each of our affiliate partners is given a unique website address to pass on when they are recommending us.  So even if your associate forgets to tell us that you recommended us, we can still see that they came via you from the unique website address that they used.

And what’s more is that we store that from the first time they come to the website. So even if they wait 6 months before they buy something from us, we’ll still know that it was you that recommended them and you’ll still get your 10% – even if you haven’t spoken to them for half a year!

We understand the power of a recommendation and that’s why we’re willing to pay thousands of pounds to have your recommendation.

To register with the MMD affiliate programme and to get your own unique URL, visit our affiliate page here.