Attracting More Traffic with TweetMeme

If you’ve ever had one of your blog posts re-tweeted by a big hitter on Twitter then you’ll know the massive amount of traffic that they can generate. That big wave of traffic can generate additional RSS subscribers and newsletter subscribers as well so it’s not just a one-off benefit.

On a smaller scale I can do it myself – I have around 19,000 followers and if I tweet a post then I often get a thank you from the author when they see the increase in traffic.

However, I’m really quite lazy. Usually I have to type the title and then create the url in Tweetdeck to tweet the post. If I’m not in the mood then I’ll just read the post and then move on. This is where TweetMeme comes in.

It creates a small icon on each blog post showing how many times that post has been tweeted. If a visitor clicks it then it tweets the title and URL to their Twitterstream. It’s brilliant for lazy people like me because I now just have to click a button rather than cutting and pasting and typing.

It’s fantastic for blog owners. It is so easy for people to Tweet your post that your visibility increases hugely and the chances of a high profile person on Twitter tweeting your URL to tens of thousands of people are much higher. Also, of those tens of thousands of people, some of them will retweet it as well meaning that your URL can quite easily be tweeted to hundreds or thousands or even millions of people.

TweetMeme is a sensation and is appearing all over the place. The TweetMeme website itself is great because it has all sorts of trending information on and info on who has tweeted your post.

Download it here, stick it on your blog and start to enjoy the benefits.