China Blocks Twitter, WordPress, Hotmail….

According to Mashable and various other reports throughout the internet, China has blocked access to Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, Hotmail, YouTube, Blogger and a host of other websites.

Apparently this is down to the upcoming anniversary of the Tiananment Square Massacre in 1989. The Chinese authorities obviously don’t want their people to be exposed to alternative versions of the events in case it disagrees with their ‘official’ version.

However, this seems to be a strange move.  There are surely many other websites that people will go to to get their news.  I spent 6 months in China in 2006 and it didn’t take me very long to access ‘banned’ websites, such as BBC News etc.  The Chinese people will quite easily get past this ‘ban’ and find out whatever information that they want.   

Also, I’m sure that there will be plenty of other non-banned websites from around the world carrying coverage of the anniversary- do the Chinese authorities hope to ban all of them?  They’d be better just pulling the plug on the Internet for a few days!