Google Chrome Browser Market Share

As you probably know (in fact, it’s almost impossible to avoid it) – Google launched a new web browser on September 2nd called Google Chrome.

The implications for Firefox are pretty immense since the early techie adopters form the main user base for Firefox.  These same people are the people most likely to move to Chrome, at least in the short term. 

It’s early days, but judging from the website statistics that I gathered from my blog, Google has managed to get about a 6-7% market share at the expense of Internet Explorer (down 1%) and Firefox (down 5%)

This clearly isn’t representative of the population, since the people that come to my blog are more likely to be of a techical nature and be early adopters. 

But a 7% share in early adopters of a beta product is a good start.  I personally use it for simple browsing but I still use Firefox because I use the plugins on a daily basis for my job. 

It’ll be interesting to see how things develop – the main challenge Google will have is to try and get those people away from Internet Explorer.  Marketing it as a simple, reliable and fast browser is a good start.

Update: Another source points to Chrome having a 1.12% market share, which is probably more accurate in the global sense.