How can your business benefit from new technology?

One of the things I like to talk to our customers about are some of the new developments in technology that they might be able to use to help their business.

Most companies now have a website and for many of them it’s a huge source of new business for them.  They took the plunge at one point to invest in a website and it’s paying off for them.  In many cases, the people that got in there first are the ones that benefited the most from the investment. Bearing that in mind, I always like to keep our customers abreast of new technology that they might want to consider for their business. 

One of the technologies that I’ve been talking about has been Second Life.

Second Life is another step forward in the use of the Internet by providing a 3D world for people to enjoy a more immersive Internet experience.  Second Life is a virtual world that allows people to communicate, collaborate and interact in a rich 3D environment regardless of where in the world they are.  Currently, there are around 20 million user accounts and it is growing day by day.  It is similar to a video game in that you have a view of yourself in an environment, moving around and interacting – usually in the video games you’re shooting people or doing some horrifically gory activity but Second Life isn’t a video game.

What makes Second Life different from a game is that you can open virtual offices, allowing another marketing channel for your business and depending on what type of business you have, you can even run your business in Second Life.  Lawyers and accountants are opening offices in Second Life where people can come in search of advice and consultations which is providing them with an additional stream of business.  Product launches and press conferences have taken place in Second Life and the media coverage has been significant.

You might want to consider if your business could benefit from being an early adopter of this technology and whether you’re ready to try something completely different for your business.