How many Twitter accounts does your business have?

Google has just published a list of all of their accounts on Twitter.

There are quite a few as you can see but even for a small business, it may be worth considering having a couple of Twitter accounts.

For example, if you ran a digital media company and your company produced websites, graphics, videos and website marketing then your Twitter stream will be quite diverse.  If someone who was interested in graphic design checked out your stream, they may be put off by all of the tweets about videos and marketing.  But if there was a dedicated stream purely for people interested in graphic design then you may find your follower numbers grow with much more relevant followers.

It all depends on how you use Twitter.  If you’re a very small company delivering niche services then it doesn’t make any sense to do this.  But this may be very useful for your business if it has a number of employees and a diverse product or service offering.