How to build your followers on Twitter

I have over 3500 followers on Twitter and it’s growing every day.  I’m often asked how I manage to do it and the answer is very simple: I give my followers what they want and I interact with them.

The #1 mistake people on Twitter make is that they use it purely for their own gain.  All they want to do is market their own services.  They don’t interact with people and they don’t help people out unless there’s something in it for them.

When I follow someone on Twitter, I’ll often get an automatically generated message saying something like “Hey, thanks for the follow.  Check out my widgets website at”. Frankly, the last thing I’m going to do is check out your website.  If you’re too lazy to speak with me directly and tell me about yourself then I’m not going to go to your site and ‘check it out’.

Thankfully, there are many people on Twitter who totally ‘get’ what it’s about.  If someone asks a question then they’ll take the time to answer it and share their knowledge.  I get asked many SEO questions and I’ll answer them and share the answers with my followers.  I know that they find it useful and I know that they get great results from my advice.  It makes me feel good and it helps them.

And by taking this approach, not only have I met some great people but I have also sold my search engine optimisation services to some of them.  And not once have I tweeted a direct sales pitch.  That is the power of Twitter if you use it correctly.

And just to show that there are many less obvious benefits, I’m going to give some really juicy links from this well optimised website to some of my followers – those followers that totally understand that Twitter is about interacting with people and sharing useful information with them.

I tweeted the following message

Hi everyone. How many of you have a blog? What’s the URL? I’d be interested to take a look. If you don’t have a blog – Why not?

and within less than 10 minutes I had around 35 replies from people sharing their blog URL with me.  They didn’t know why I wanted it and they certainly didn’t know that I was going to link to them.  But they were following their Twitter stream and saw an oppotunity to share something with someone and they took it.

So, here are the blogs of a bunch of people on Twitter who ‘get it’ and who are worth following and learning from!

@growline –

@mattuk –

@hobsdv –

@andymurd –

@invoicera –

@LiviuLica –

@kash78 –

@AndrewGirdwood –

@dwightcook –

@JoelyRighteous –

@red_ascot –

@imjustagoyle –

@savamaloy – 

@skinner –

@CoffeebreakDMV –

@pjain – and

@sdweathers –

@SeshuThePhotog –

@ProgramX –

@bluewavemedia –

@mobienthusiast –

@daverooneyca –

@rajupp –

@playr –

@sweetsue –

@thelonghopper –

@Responsibills –

@rmvenancio  –

@keanrichmond –

@timelmo  –

@peewii –

@techandlife –

@ArenaFlowers – 

@WritRams –

@Sumerd –

@amoyal – and

@carnellm – 

@David_N_Wilson – http://www.macabreink/

@carmennc –

@rargiros –

@LydiaBreakfast –

@GrayRinehart – and

@shannoncherry – and

@Wildlife_Photog –

@iangotts – and

@sportsgirlkat –


@Stuartcfoster –

@Thingnamer –

@philipnorton42 –

@AbigailH –

@kkunlimited –

@scenar –

@a_williams –

@AlignedDeb –

@jesseliebman –

@Brownoxford –

@strangedesign –

@ganee –

@GeorgeReese –

@fusion92 –

@Stajo –