How to get a direct link to your website from Google

Links from authority websites are undoubtedly one of the best things you can have to increase the SEO of your own website.  Ideally they should be in a similar sector to your business but a link is a link and a link from an authority website is much more powerful than a link from an untrusted website. 

I can’t think of a site with much more authority that Google, so I took a bit of time and wrote a tool that spiders the Google site and creates a list of all of the outbound links (with exceptions, of course – I didn’t delve into the actual Google database!).

The raw findings are here (for – sorry about the rawness of the results.  I’ll tidy them up when I get time) and the question that jumps to mind is “How can I get a link from Google to my site?”

The answer, unfortunately is “With difficulty”, but it’s not impossible.  Here are a few tips about how you can get listed on Google (I know – some of them are impossible and some are hugely expensive.  I did say it was difficult!)

  • Buy Google Enterprise Search – customers get listed on the site (amazingly, many of them are listed without a link to their website)
  • Write an article about a Google technology that they’re desperately trying to promote (Google appliance)
  • Have a suitably useful website that Google voluntarily links to it as part of its webmaster support site or any other part of their site
  • Have your company bought by Google
  • Be featured in the Googleblog – usually easier if you’re a charity or something to do with the environment and related to an event (such as national missing children day or something)
  • Get a job on the Google Board of Directors
  • Give Google or one of its directors an award and hope they feature it in their bio
  • Try to be one of the sites featured in the zeitgeist
  • Approach them to be a case study for adwords, adsense etc
  • Write a theme for iGoogle
  • Submit a testimonial about how Google has changed/saved/enhanced your life

Good luck!

And just to make you feel a little better – Even Google gets it wrong sometimes: while I was spidering, I found loads of broken links including a few pages with file:// links! I can’t believe that they don’t have an internal system to flag this for them but the broken links are there!

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