Is your website fast enough?

Back in April, Google announced that the speed of your website is a factor in how they rank your site.

That’s not ground-breaking.  If a site is dead slow then it makes sense that people will be less impressed by it and less likely to use it.  If they don’t use it then it’s no interest to Google and they’ll push you down the rankings accordingly.

Forget about SEO for the moment though and consider the impression that a slow website presents to your clients.  If your site takes too long to load then they won’t hang around to read it.  If they do wait for the home page to come up but then nevigate somewhere else in the site then they’ll give up.

The impression it puts across is of money saving.  You’ve gone for cheap hosting to save money.  The question they’ll ask is: “What else are they trying to save money on?  Are they using cheap materials?”.

We’ve just beefed up our clients’ hosting (and are planning a further upgrade later this year).  It’s not cheap, but it’s quick and it’s reliable.  If you already have a site then it’s worth checking the speed out.  Not just for the sake of Google, but for the sake of your visitors and your professional image.

Test your speed here: