Launch of our Blog Design Service

logo1Many small businesses are now incorporating blogs into their websites and are seeing some amazing results! 

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website, or an area of a website, that allows you to easily publish your own content.  It’s usually much more informal than a business website, with a mix of articles, tips, anecdotes and industry observations.  You can also use it to directly market your business by writing about new products or services that you have introduced or announcing new promotions.

Over time, as you put more and more information on your blog, you start to build a useful resource that attracts people who are looking for information about products and services that you offer.  This opens up a whole new marketing opportunity for you and your business!

Why do you need a blog?

There are many major benefits to having a blog:

It will get you higher listings in the search engines, sending more visitors to your website

Search engines, and Google in particular, looks for certain things when it decides where to put your website in the search results.  If you have a website that only has 5 or 6 pages and is only updated 2 or 3 times year then you will never get a good ranking in the search results.

However, if you have a website with a blog of 50 or 60 articles that is growing and being updated once a week then you will get a much higher ranking.  Your website will also be listed for many more searches as well.

For example, if you owned a florist in Windsor, then you (and all of your competitors) would want to rank in the search results for the term ‘Florists in Windsor’.  If you had a #1 rank for that term, then you may attract 30 or 40 targeted prospective customers a day to your website.

But if you have blog posts about different types of plants and articles about choosing flowers for weddings and special occasions then you will rank for hundreds, maybe even thousands of different search terms that your competitors aren’t ranking for! 

Each search term may only give you one or two visitors, but combined they will give you much more traffic than ‘Florists in Windsor’ ever will – and you would probably rank really well for that term anyway due to all of your extra content!

The practice of getting a good listing in the search results is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and SEO companies like us usually charge thousands of pounds for these sorts of results.  By having your own blog, you can do it yourself.

You have an opportunity to show your expertise much more than on an ordinary formal business website

A business website usually showcases your services and states how your services are valuable to your clients.  You have a limited number of words in which to explain you services so you have to be quite generic. 

But if you have a blog then you have no restrictions about what you can write about.  If you want to review a new product then you can – all the while showing your passion for your business.  You can write about how your services helped a particular client and write about some of the ways that you’ve helped people. 

Essentially, a blog allows you to write in such a way that you can market your services to a far wider group of people.

It encourages people to visit your website more often, because you are always adding new valuable content

As you write more and more, you start to create a valuable source of information.  For example, if you have a florist blog then you can write all sorts of tips about caring for flowers and growing specific types of flowers.  Before you know it, you have made a wealth of information available that people will start to recommend to their friends to check out.  Also, people will continue to return to your website to see what other tips you have to offer.

You’ve just built a loyal following and you can be sure that if they are local and need to buy flowers, then your shop will be the shop that they come to!

How much time does it take?

We would recommend writing around 1 blog post each week.  It doesn’t take long and after a couple of months you will have added a lot of valuable information to your website.

What can MMD do for you?

To get the very most from your blog, it needs to look professional and have all the functions required, so people can contact you or maybe join your mailing list etc.  We will make sure that your blog has all the functionality you need, so that it’s really working for you and your business.

It is also important that your blog site has the same design style as your business website.  It is critical that the visitors to your blog see the same branding on your website, otherwise they will think they have gone to a separate company.

MMD will build you a blog site with the same design and branding as your business website for a single, one-off fee and with no ongoing costs!  We can also host your blog if you wish.