Learning from other blogs

You’ll see that I’ve added a Blogroll to my website (on the left) which lists some of the blogs that I like to read and where I learn loads of things from inspirational people.

If you’re serious about using blogs to drive traffic to your website then you need to be reading blogs as well.  You can learn all sorts of tips and tricks about how to create great headlines, fantastic comments, use great imagery, build a following and make money from your blog.

My advice is to build up a list of your favourite blogs and take an hour or so each day to read them, comment on them and generally learn as much as you can from them.  Not only will commenting on them raise your profile in the blogging community but it’ll also help drive a little bit of traffic to your own blog.

An easy way to keep track of all of those great blogs is to use a blog reader.  I use www.bloglines.com and check it religiously. If you add your favourite blogs to it then it’ll alert you when a new post has been made and it’ll save you having to visit every site all of the time.