Linking out? Make sure that they know!

I’ve a strong advocate of linking to other blogs – not just to get links back (although that is a very nice side-effect) but also because I want to share information with my blog readers if I think it’s useful.

However, if you’re linking out to other blogs in order to get them to link back to you then you must make sure that they know that you’ve linked to them!

Over at they make a very good point that if you link to them then you need to make sure that they notice. They ask you to click on your post so that it’ll show up in their web stats and they’ll come over and check it out.

I would actually be far more assertive and either comment on their blog, telling them that you’ve written about them or email them to let them know that you’ve written about them and you’re interested in their comments.

Believe me, once I hit the send button this post, I’ll be emailing Yoast to let them know I’ve blogged about them. Not only does this approach give you an excuse to email the highest profile bloggers on the Internet and introduce yourself but it guarantees that they’ll read your blog.

And what’s the worst that’ll happen?  OK, maybe they’ll write a scathing post about you.  But that’s unlikely!  Much more likely is that your name will stick in their head much more than if they see you appearing in their web stats.

Go on – be assertive and see what happens!