Make it personal!

We’re in the middle of finishing off the design of our new website.

It’s been fun – being involved in doing work for ourselves and it’s good try a few different things and experiment.  It’s good to be seen to practice what we preach as well – we realised that our website wasn’t working for us so we took some time out of the business to start from scratch and do a complete overhaul.  It’s starting to look really good now and I’m really keen to get it up and running so you can all enjoy it as well.

One thing we agreed we should do was to personalise our website, so when you see it (we’re planning on launching in the next couple of weeks) then you’ll see there are a couple of pictures of Andy and myself with a brief biography on the front page.

I’m a big believer in people not buying services, but buying people.  You’re much more likely to buy a product or a service from someone if you like them or if you feel comfortable with them.  Our current website is very cold and impersonal and doesn’t reflect our personality at all – it’s not in the least bit welcoming.  One of our aims of the new website was to try and get some of our personality into the website and let people know that we’re not scary computer nerds but actually real people with real lives who want to work with you to do great things to your website. 

It’s one more thing that you might want to think about with your own company website.  Does it reflect the personality of your business?  If you’re great at what you do then your website should be great as well.  If you run a chilled out office and have a good laugh but do fantastic work then your website should have a nice chilled out feel as well.  If your company is ultra-professional and you want to attract other clients that don’t care much for fun in the workplace but just want the job done, then your website should reflect that. 

Remember, your website is your shop window to hundred, even thousands of potential clients.  Unless you can afford to ignore them then take the time to review your website constantly and see if it’s working for you.

Enough preaching from me!  Hopefully the photos on our new website won’t put anyone off!  I’m hoping that people will call us to do some work for them just because we’re so good looking! 

I’ll let you know once it’s live and it’d be great to get some of your feedback on it.

Gregor Spowart is a partner in Mass Media Design, a website design and Internet Marketing company based in Reading (Berkshire), Swindon (Wiltshire) and Cardiff.  Gregor is an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist.