Our new design!

Today we re-launched our Mass Media Design blog with a new design and a whole bunch of changes under the covers.

As you’ll see below, the move from the old blogging platform to the new hasn’t been without its problems and in the process we haven’t been able to move the comments to the new blog.  So please comment on any articles in the blog that you have an opinion on and lets get the comments ball rolling again!

You can start by letting us know what you think of the new design!  I like it – it’s simple, and doesn’t have anything to do with our brand but it’s sleek and makes the text nice and easy to read.

Apart from the design changes, the other huge difference is that we’ve finally moved away from the Subtext plaform and moved to WordPress.org.  This isn’t generally an issue for you, the reader, but for me it means less hours are spent scratching my head and I can have a much lower heart rate.

Subtext is a very clever piece of software and has been highly engineered to the nth degree.  This is great in some ways, but in terms of trying to customise it for your own use, it’s a total pain.  This is bad enough for me, a Microsoft Certfied Software Developer, but for a non-techie user it’s nigh-on impossible.  It was also starting to be a little flaky so it was time to move.

WordPress is fantastic.  Simple to use, with masses of support and thousands of clever plug-ins and skins.  If you want to start blogging for your business (and you definitely should be considering it!) then WordPress is 100% the way to go – I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Anyway, we’re here now.  Please add your comments to our blog and if you have any feedback at all, both good or bad, then please send it to us!