Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

SEO guru Liam Delahunty from the Online Sales blog very kindly invited me to participate in this meme.

Seven things about me

1. I’m the Chairman and Trumpet player in the local wind band: Woodley Concert Band.

2. I took 6 months off work to go travelling in China and ended up visiting North Korea, the North Face base camp of Mount Everest, Tibet, a dodgy rural Chinese hospital (where they put me in a bed that was still warm from the previous occupant) and came home via Mongolia and the Trans-Siberian Express.  It was an amazing holiday!

3. I’m getting married either later this year or early next year.

4. I have the dubious honour of having destroyed my car, my motorbike and my bicycle in 3 separate accidents.

5. I am a Microsoft Certified Software Developer in .NET

6. I’m originally from Scotland but have lived in England for nearly 10 years now.

7. The worst train journey I ever had was the overnight train from Nice to Rome in 1999.  I’m still mentally scarred.

The next seven

A random mix of people. Some I love to read their blogs and others fire out the odd juicy bit of info on Twitter.  You should follow them all!

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