Social bookmarking – hang out with the cool kids

Yesterday I talked about SEO and how people are desperate to get their websites to the top of Google.

Today I want to look at one of the techniques that is currently being looked at to help feature your site.

Google works by using keywords, and some keywords are more popular than others. On the web, there are a lot more occurances of the word “cars” than there are of “candlesticks” and so if your business is in the car business then you’re going to have a much tougher time getting your website a good listing position.

If you’re serious about getting a good rating then you have to be prepared to put a lot of work in, and it’ll be work that perhaps you wouldn’t normally do in your normal day to day business.

Google likes websites that are updated often and which have relevant content to the business. An easy way to satisfy those two criteria for your own website would be to have a blog.  If you’re in the car business then you can share some of your knowledge for your day to day work and write it on the blog.  It also has the other benefit of showing your clients that visit your webpage just how passionate you are about cars and what great knowledge you have of them.  Potential customers will be flocking to you to buy cars from this wonderful person! Perhaps.

if you can find the time to update it fairly often then Google will appreciate that and give you a pat on the head and consider giving you a better listing.  Your content MUST be relevant though – don’t blog about your kids or your favourite TV show because it’s nothing to do with your business.

One of the other things that Google appreciates is to have lots of links from other popular websites pointing at you, and this is where our social bookmarking comes in.  Once you write your blog, you can bookmark it somewhere like and share it with your friends.  Google periodically checks out Digg and other sites and if it sees a link from this highly popular site then it’ll be impressed with the company you’re keeping and push you up those search results even further.

Think of it like hanging around with the popular kids at school – you can be popular by association, and social bookmarking sites work the same way.