The power of the newsletter

Photo by ZoofyTheJi

Today I want to share an example with you of how powerful a newsletter is at attracting new clients.

Recently we launched a new ‘Affordable SEO’ service especially aimed at small and medium sized businesses.  We knew that it was going to be a popular service but we didn’t realise just HOW popular it would be when combined with our newsletter subscribers.  We have been completely blown away by the response!

How did we manage to get such an overwhelming response?  The main reason it was so successful was down to our newsletter.

We have an extremely well structured online marketing strategy. Firstly, we use Twitter to drive people to our blog. We then use our blog to drive people towards our newsletter.  Our newsletter is aimed directly at our target market (small and medium sized businesses) so when we get a subscriber to our newsletter, they are usually involved with a small or medium sized business.  They are also interested in marketing of their website as effectively as possible.  This means that our newsletter subscriber list consists almost exclusively of our target market.

However, we work very hard at giving our subscribers what they want.  They didn’t sign up for us to send them spammy newsletters all about our services – in fact, I very seldom mention our services which means that when I do, the response is that much greater.

Every newsletter, I share exclusive hints and tips about how you can attract new business from your website.  This means that our readers are getting really valuable information from each newsletter that works for them.  They are also much more likely to pass it on to friends and colleagues which encourages more people to sign up.

In our last newsletter, as well as the usual website marketing advice I mentioned that in response to the current recession, we were launching an affordable SEO service aimed at small and medium businesses.  I also linked through to the page on our website explaining the service.  It was literally one paragraph in our newsletter but it generated a huge interest.

This is actually the most targeted traffic that you can get and so the conversion rate is so much higher.  People coming from Google (PPC or organic) or from Twitter are reasonable prospects but you can be sure that if someone has signed up for a website marketing newsletter aimed at small businesses then they are as targeted as it gets!

The keys things to remember are:

  • Use your Twitter account and your blog to drive people towards your newsletter
  • Give your readers what they want – if you provide useful information then they’re much more likely to pass it on to other people which increases your subscriber base
  • DO NOT SPAM!  Only mention your services if you think it’s going to be useful to them
  • Have a page on your website that you can direct people to in order to convert them into clients

If you get it right, then the results can be extraordinary!