The Queen is now on Twitter

The Queen (well, the British Monarchy) have started using Twitter.

They’re doing very well and have managed to attract over 9000 followers in a very short space of time.  However, I wonder if they’re actually managing to get the most out of Twitter.  For a start, very few of their tweets are under the 140 character limit, so you end up with every tweet being truncated – not the best way to use Twitter.

Also, it just seems to be a stream of links pointing back to various royal websites with news about upcoming engagements or various dry announcements.  I’m not suggesting that the Queen should be tweeting about what she’s having for her dinner and sending pictures from the toilet in Windsor Castle (although that would be interesting!), but they could at least attempt to make it a bit more interesting.

Perhaps Prince Charles would like to send some tweets sharing his views on his interests.  He usually relies on the newspapers and various speeches to get his views across – often being misunderstood – whereas with Twitter he could have much more direct access.  One of the main reason that ‘celebrities’ use Twitter is so that they have direct access to their fans rather than going through the press and having them put a spin on everything. Prince Charles would defniitely benefit if he did the same. Surely it’d be more interesting than a load of dry tweets about various visits and appointments.

It’s easrly days however – perhaps we’ll see the Monarchy’s Twitter account mature into something much more substantial.