Truly Dreadful Websites – Part 3

This is part of an occasional series looking at some of the poorer websites found on the web today. For the previous post, click here.

Today we’re looking at the visual crime that is – “The Name You Can Trust”.


I’m not too sure where to start with this one.  It’s a sort of minimalist design in that it has no images but it’s let down by being drenched by colours and having links going everywhere.

To be honest, it’s giving me a headache because I don’t know what to focus on first.  The colours are dreadful – for some reason they’ve got solid borders in purples, reds and blues on a lot of the text in an attempt to make it stand out.  Not a bad idea in principle but it seems to be applied all over the shop in a random way – especially on this page:  That just makes it look terrible rather than drawing the eye to one particular element.

That bring me to another thing, every link that you click opens in a new window.  This is so incredibly annoying. Assuming that I actually wanted to go through the site and look at all the information on the site (I don’t) then I would have literally 30 or 40 new tabs in my browser.  Madness.

The thing the site does best is enable you to find their retail premises.  If you want to find a shop then you’re pretty well catered for as long as you have a magnifying glass and you can see the right link to click – the text is so small that it can hardly be read.

Finally, there’s something called “YES, We Are Ready & Works!!!” – I don’t know what it means but it must be important because they’ve said it twice.

From what I can see, this website has:

  • details of all of the locations they have shops
  • information on vacancies
  • information on what parts and systems they stock, plus prices
  • special offers

That’s not too complicated really but they’ve managed to make a total hash of presenting this information on their website.

As a company with what looks like around 20 retail branches across the country, their website is letting them down badly. The image is incredibly amateur and so I wouldn’t spend one Australian dollar with them.  It seems to be that they can’t be IT experts as they claim and have a website like this.

However, you don’t get to have 20 shops if you don’t have a clue about IT so their website.  So whatever the truth is, this website is really damaging their business.

My advice to them, as it is to most people with a really crummy website – spend some money, get a good web designer and a good copywriter in.  Build a professional website with effective navigation, compelling copy and a professional image.  It’ll be money well spent because you’ll see an increase in business from it and you’ll recoup your money through additional sales pretty quickly.