Tweepi: Highly Recommended

There are a huge stack of tools out there to help you make the most of Twitter.  There are varying levels of quality but one of the tools that I’ve been playing with today is Tweepi and it’s impressed me hugely.

Geeky Follow

One of the problems that people have with Twitter is finding people that are worth following.  My advice is to search for a particular topic and then follow the people that are tweeting about that topic.  One other way is to find an authority in that space and look at the people that are followign that authority.

Geeky Follow shows you their followers and lists how often they tweet, how often they are retweeted and their follower numbers and ratios.  The reason for the name, Geeky Follow, is that you can use statistics to work out whether you’d like to follow those people.  It’s quite an innovative way of finding new people to follow.

Geeky Cleanup

You might find that you have hundreds of people following you but that none of them actually tweet.  Also, some people look at your follower numbers and ratios before deciding whether to follow you or not so it’s actually quite important to keep some kind of balance.  If you’re following 1000 people but only 5 people are following you then people will assume you have nothing of interest to say.  But if you are following 1000 people and 1500 are following you then it might encourage more people to follow you.

So you can remove those people you’re following that never tweet by using Geeky Cleanup to identify them.

Geeky Flush

Geeky Flush is used in a similar way to Geeky Cleanup because it identifies those people that you are following but who aren’t following you and removes them.  Of course, you don’t want to remove EVERYONE that isn’t following you because there are plenty of interesting people that aren’t following you!  But Geeky Flush helps you identify those people you’re following that aren’t providing you with any benefits.

Geeky Reciprocate does the oppostite – finds those people following you that you’re not following.

Of course, if you’re not fussed at all about your follower numbers or ratios then you won’t be interested in Tweepi, but if you want to analyse them then this is one of the best tools I’ve come across.