Why should I market my website?

I’ve spent my money – give me yours!

Why should I market my website?  Good question.

Photo by You’ve done all the hard work of actually designing the website, making it pretty and deciding on whether the word ‘web’ or ‘website’ was more important.  Why should you have to put MORE effort into marketing it?  Surely now that it’s on the Internet then you can start to count the money that’ll come flowing in?  Yes?

Ok, I’m being sarcastic (I’m very good at it – it’s the lowest form of humour!), but that’s the view that many website owners take.  They’ve made the website, it’s on the web so logically the millions of people on the web should come to visit and give them their money. If it doesn’t work then it’s not their fault but the fault of the Internet or the website designer or Google.  It’s not their fault because they’ve paid money for a good website.

But you and I know differently, don’t we?  We realise that to make the most of our website we have to put a tonne of effort into marketing it and giving our visitors a reason to keep on returning.

We know that we have to focus on search engine optimisation and appear in Google for relevant searches.  We know that we need to interact with forums, social networking and bookmarking websites.  We know that we should investigate pay per click campaigns to try and drive traffic to our website.  We also know that we need fresh content on our website, because Google likes fresh content.  We know that we need to look at how well our website is converting our visitors – we know that we need relevant traffic and we know that a website needs a goal for people to reach.

Just in case you’re reading this blog and realising that you’re not actually doing some of the things listed above, might I suggest that you invest some time in trying some of them out?  I don’t want to keep repeating myself but if your website isn’t bringing in the traffic that you hoped it would when you first launched it then you need to do something.

Sitting back and hoping that if you leave it a while WON’T bring new traffic – it’ll just mean that you’re wasting more time while your competitors steal your potential customers (and we all know that you’re much better than them!).  So do yourself and you customers a favour – look at your website, be honest and decide if it’s working as well as you hoped it would when you launched it. If it isn’t, then think about what you might do to market it.  Either by yourself or by getting some expert assistance.

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