Why you need to update your website frequently

One of the first recommendations I’ll make to businesses looking to increase traffic to their website is that they set up a blog. There are a number of reasons for this – it allows you to capture “long tail” searches for a start.  But (assuming you are diligent enough) it also gives you a way of adding fresh content to your website – and Google LOVES fresh content!

Imagine that you’re going on holiday and you’re looking to buy a guide book.  Do you buy an edition from 1995 or do you buy the latest edition? Of course, you’ll go for the latest version.  The latest version has up-to-date information and you run less risk of turning up to your planned hotel and finding a load of rubble (as happened to me in Beijing a few years back!).

google1Google is the same – it assigns much more value to fresh, new content than to old content.  If you have a blog then you can easily add new content on a regular basis.  Google will value your website much more that those of your competitors that only update when they add a press release or add a new service.

However, if you don’t have a blog and you don’t want to have a blog then at least make sure that you have an area on your website that you can easily update regularly.  A ‘latest news’ section is always good.  It doesn’t have to be latest news about you or your business but it could just be latest news about your industry.  

If you do go down this route, then make sure that each new item of news that you add is also a new page on your website.  Google likes BIG sites. If you’re always adding new pages to your site then Google will like that and reward you accordingly.  Your website designer will be able to add a “Latest News” section for you.

Finally, ignore Google for the time being and consider your website visitors.  They will never come back to your site unless they think that there is going to be something new for them. If you provide them with something new and useful on each visit then they will continue to come back.  

So, a recap:

  • A blog is best.  Just make sure that you update it regularly
  • If you don’t have a blog, have an area on your website that you can easily add news and content to
  • Don’t just think about Google.  Google won’t become a client of yours but your website visitors will – write for them!