You’re making it too hard!

There’s a great sentence in this blog post about your website being a salesperson for you.

That’s obviously a difficult thing to do because it’s a one way interaction and the people you’re trying to sell to can walk away whenever they want without worrying about being rude.

Rebecca also makes a great point about getting out of the mindset about what you want to get from your website and try to get into the mindset of your users and what they want to get from your website.  If they find what they want then they’ll do something (hopefully buy something, or give you a call) so you have to understand what they want and then make it really easy for them to do it.

Are there any barriers on your website that makes it difficult for them to achieve their goal.  Do they have to click somewhere else to get your phone number?  Do they have to fill in a huge form before they can email you?  Do they have to press loads of buttons to buy a product?  Any of these things are barriers to your users and if they can’t or won’t get over them then you’ve lost a customer.

That’s why it’s important to always re-evaluate your website.  What do you want your users to do?  If you were a user, what would you want to get from this website?  What would be a successful visit for both of you.  Ask yourself these questions and then look at your website and see if it actually works for those scenarios.  If it doesn’t, then fix it!

Gregor Spowart is a partner in Mass Media Design, a website design and Internet Marketing company based in Reading (Berkshire), Swindon (Wiltshire) and Cardiff.  Gregor is an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist.